Transgenger Birth Certificate Bill Dead, Homophobia Blamed

Tennessee will remain one of just four states that refuse to provide a means of changing a birth certificate to reflect a change of gender for at least another year.
Rep. Jeanne Richardson, D-Memphis, said Wednesday she has decided to drop HB187, would allow birth certificates to be amended to show a change of gender upon submission of an appropriate sworn statement from a physician or other medical personnel.
“I believe there is a fair amount of homophobia in this state and that’s what is fueling the opposition,” she said after taking the measure “off notice” in a House subcommittee without attempting a vote.
Opposition to the bill makes passage impossible this year, Richardson said, but she intends to try again next year after talking with legislative colleagues and providing them with appropriate information to counter concerns.
“This is not some left-wing, crazy idea,” she said. “Almost all other states realize it’s the right thing to do… These folks now have a hard time traveling and other things because they were born in Tennessee.”
According to Richardson, only Idaho, Ohio and Texas currently join Tennessee in providing no means to revise a birth certificate for change of gender. Some states that do permit a change require a court order she said.

6 thoughts on “Transgenger Birth Certificate Bill Dead, Homophobia Blamed

  1. Wintermute

    I refuse to honor the word “homophobia” as a loaded term. It implies that a person who disapproves of homosexuality in any aspect is “afraid” that he or she IS homosexual or fears homosexuals in some way.
    Wiki: “A phobia (from the Greek: φόβος,phóbos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”) is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people.”
    I think I’m entitled to feel aversion to acting out sissies and butches and not be required to accommodate their acting out.
    I also think I’m entitled to express aversion and resist legislation without being insulted.
    I think it is OK and wise to keep in mind and point out that homosexuals have been the prime vector for the worst STD in history.
    Perhaps I won’t be saddled with Jeannie’s priorities after reapportionment: her numbers don’t look good; that district needs to pick up people, and I doubt they’ll all be Midtowners, unless the Republicans decide to minimize the number of districts with minority influence.
    I forget, Tom: did this bill require surgical reassignment?

  2. Eric Holcombe

    “These folks now have a hard time traveling and other things because they were born in Tennessee.”
    Huh…I thought it was because they tried to change their gender and claim they are now something they were not when they were born.
    Why should this be limited to gender? What if I want to game the quota/affirmative action system for protected minorities? Can I just say I “feel” like a minority and get the state to lie about that on my birth certificate too?

  3. Shocked, Shocked I Say

    No, wintermute, I don’t think you’re afraid you’re gay. I think you’re one of many idiots who believe they are smarter than they are (note: see “idiot” above for my take on that) and who plays the victim card because they’re one card short of a full deck.
    As for Mr. Holcombe, I’m sure you’ve never run into this problem because, apparently, you were born a buffoon and remain one.

  4. MiddleTN

    Thank you, Shocked for responding to the above comments. I, too, am shocked at some folk’s complete ignorance and lack of brain function. I believe that HB187 or a similar bill will pass in the next few years, helping to move TN into a more educated and less bigoted future.

  5. BioBasics

    I printed this article out even I already read all of it. Feels like this will be a good resource for me so I will paste it on my wall. In this way, I can see it from time to time (just like a post it note).

  6. Livia

    idiots like the ones insulting those who were born different or with a birth defect are the reason TN ranks 47th-49th worst. Educated state in the country. Its not all about choice. Don’t confuse cross dressers and transvestites with Transsexuals. They are born with a different brain gender then their physical body. You might as well tease someone with other birth defects like down syndrom. Ignorance, hatred and bigotted remarks like this is why most of the country looks at us like back water hicks. What’s sad is some think that’s a compliment.

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