Haslam’s Kingsport Conversations

Gov. Bill Haslam led what he called an “open and honest conversation” about teacher evaluations, student testing and other topics during a meeting with about 20 local educators at Sullivan South High School on Friday, reports Hank Hayes.
“I discover, sometimes, it’s a long way from the classroom to Capitol Hill…” Haslam, a Republican, said in opening the meeting with educators from the Kingsport, Bristol, Tenn., and Sullivan County school systems. “This is also your chance that I’d really love to tell the governor this or really ask him this. … Make certain you don’t go home and your spouse said ‘I can’t believe you didn’t ask him that.’ ”
…None of the educators questioned a legislative proposal to curtail collective bargaining between teachers unions and local school boards
… or Haslam’s teacher tenure bill (which seem to be the hot topics on Capitol Hill.)
The Bristol Herald-Courier says math teacher Janice Russell was concerned about evaluations and suggested that student tests used in the evaluations b give later in the year, maybe six weeks later.
(Haslam) said pushing back the date for TCAPs is an interesting idea.
“I do think one of the things we want to evaluate, number one, the way we give them and when we give them,” Haslam said. “Is there a way to push them back further like these teachers were saying, ‘Hey, if I had six more weeks, I could really work with that.’ That makes sense to me.”

In his visit, Haslam also was officially installed as chairman of the Board of Regents and gave his pep talk on higher education, then met with business people and gave his pep talk on economic development.

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