Barefoot Beth, Speaker of the House

The folks at TNReport reveal that the Honorable Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, behind the podium, is actually Barefoot Beth.

6 thoughts on “Barefoot Beth, Speaker of the House

  1. Donna Locke

    This is a very wise decision on her part. Most women’s dress shoes, particularly heels, will destroy the feet in time if one wears them very long at a time.

  2. Jerry Hall

    It just shows that a woman’s business suit can look as smart with bare feet as with any kind of shoes.
    I wish it were as straightforward for us guys. Or am I just showing my age?

  3. Patti Bunce

    Great, a barefoot lady in a business suit! In a US State Congress, too! Thanks for this, Jerry!
    This is how I travel to and from work, just putting on very simple, flat sandals to go into the office. I walk to work as often as I can, which is a couple of miles each way.
    Can’t see where Ms Harwell left her shoes. She’s obviously not wearing any tights. Is it too much to hope that, like me, she doesn’t even own any?

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