UT Faculty Opposes Guns on Campus

With little discussion and no dissension, Faculty Senate members at the University of Tennessee unanimously agreed Monday that they did not want guns on campus, reports the News Sentinel.
Mindful of pending state House and Senate bills that would allow permit-holding faculty and staff to bring their firearms on campus, the group passed an amended resolution at their monthly meeting supporting current laws prohibiting weapons at UT.
Though the resolution is symbolic and has no practical authority on the university or Legislature, it supports the university’s position against the legislation and lets the General Assembly know where the faculty stands, said past Senate President Toby Boulet, an author.
Current law prohibits anyone other than police, military and security personnel from carrying weapons on campus.
“From the people I spoke to, I expected it to pass, though not necessarily unanimously,” Boulet said. “There is a large number of faculty with a lot of different viewpoints on everything, so it would not have surprised me to have vigorous” debate on the issue.

The bill hasn’t come up for a vote anywhere in the current legislative session. When it did last session, it died for lack of second in the subcommittee.

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