A Twitter Over Sen. Ketron and His Bills

Michael Silence reports that Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron is the subject of much twittering this days. He provides a sampling of the “entertaining ribbing” in Sunday’s News Sentinel.
In Twitterese, that’s earned himself a “hashtag,” which is a keyword that groups all comments using that keyword together so people can follow discussion on that topic.
Here’s some of what you’ll find under that keyword:
MarkNMays: “State Sen. Bill Ketron proposes resolution saluting Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam as examples of Hollywood’s best.”
Mctamaney: “Sen. Ketron blames May flood on “lazy Dutch-born boy.” Proposes English-only enrollment in public schools.”
Goldni: “Sen. Ketron to propose legislation stating that Tennessee courts must apply Miller Lite’s ‘Man Law’ to all disputes.”
Mctamaney: “Ketron proposes boot-scooting checkpoints at state boundaries, assuring entrance only to true Tennesseans.”
But you’ll also find this:
Matthewhurtt: “Tennessee liberals reduced to insignificant minority, seek to personally attack and demean Sen. Ketron.

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