A Blogging Hiatus

Now that the 2010 election has passed, I will be taking vacation and personal time off for the next few weeks. This blog – after 3,146 posts — will thus be inactive for a while.
Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll return when I do.
Tom Humphrey

14 thoughts on “A Blogging Hiatus

  1. Resa

    Good day! i am at the job atm so i didn’t have the time to read all of the article, but i do like the things i read and i’ll read a little more at the web site when i get back home.. I got a a bounch of stuff to complete here 🙂 do you have a username on twitter? 🙂 Thank you, Resa

  2. San Marcos Landscaper

    I can’t think if any more specific ways to leave a good comment, but I think the overall rule should be to treat online posting like a conversation you’d have in person with your readers. It’s sometimes easy to cross these lines inadvertently.

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