Chris Devaney Seeks a New Term As State GOP Chief

Here’s the letter sent to Republicans around the state:
We have just concluded a historic election for Tennessee Republicans and I will say it has truly been an honor to serve the Party during this time.
On November 2nd, Republicans made history with monumental gains that will affect the political landscape of Tennessee for years to come. For the first time in modern history, Republicans will lead at every level of government in the Volunteer State.
We have championed a Republican Governor, solidified majorities in the State Legislature by winning 14 new State House seats (see map below), and our Congressional delegation went from 5-4 Democrat to a 7-2 Republican majority. Our significant victories across the state were a team effort and I greatly appreciate the efforts you put forth as part of our team.
While we are extremely blessed and thankful for the success, there is still much work to do, and that is why I am writing today to ask for your support in my bid to seek another term as Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party.

After the last Chairman’s election in 2009, we hit the ground running. To position our Party for victory, we had a team effort to raise $5,197,195 during my term. This team included Governor-elect Bill Haslam, Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Corker, our Congressional delegation, the Legislative Caucuses, SEC members, County Parties, and donors across the state that were committed to our mission this cycle. Also, with the guidance of Treasurer Frank Colvett, we worked to put in a system of checks and balances to ensure that the Party is always financially strong. His desire to stay on as Treasurer is good news.
Success is based on more than financial strength though. Understanding this, we worked very hard to ensure we had a solid structure in place and an organized plan to help deliver the change Tennesseans wanted. To do this, the State Party worked in tandem with Governor-Elect Haslam as well as our State Legislative Caucuses. The result was a solid candidate recruitment program followed by the formation of intricate media and finance plans for individual candidates.
These next two years are important for our Party and it is vital that we have strong continuity in leadership at this critical time. I’d be honored if you would please support my candidacy for a second term as Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to talking with you personally about how best to move our Party forward.
Chris Devaney

One thought on “Chris Devaney Seeks a New Term As State GOP Chief

  1. h. howard

    Somebody has got to be kidding. Keeping Devaney on after his arrogant, criminal, dictatorial actions to deny out-of-hand ballot position to a legally qualified candidate for Congress from the Seventh District is more than reason enough to remove Devaney from every leadership position in the Grand Old Party. His attempt to run around and get in front of the Tea Party Parade to claim advances in the Party doesn’t fool anybody who’s keeping up. It just won’t cut it.

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