TN News & Commentary Notes From the Weekend Before the Election

The ‘Everybody’s Mad’ Election
No matter who wins on Tuesday, this will be remembered as the angry election, according to Michael Collins. Voters are mad at Washington and at one another and candidates are angry, too, in some cases.
Tennessean’s Reviews
The Sunday Tennessean has a trio of articles reviewing the races to be decided on Tuesday – one on Bill Haslam’s apparent win in the governor’s race, another on the congressional races in Tennessee (things look bad for Democrats) and the third on legislative races.
A Deeper Shade of Red?
Tennessee Republicans say they believe voters in Tuesday’s midterm elections will paint the Volunteer State a deeper shade of red, pushing Democrats into their worst corner since post-Civil War Reconstruction, reports Andy Sher in a Tennessee election overview article.
What? TV Ads Don’t Give the Full Story?
Democratic state Rep. Ty Cobb and his Republican challenger, Sheila Butt, are both being less than forthright in their attack TV advertising, observes the Columbia Daily Herald.
Gun Guys Should Be Content
Instead of being satisfied with victory on virtually every front, some Tennessee gun advocates are going too far in advocating repeal of the handgun carry permit system to allow gun owners to carry anywhere without a permit, opines Frank Cagle.
Dems More Personal In Ad Attacks
A Wesleyan University study released shows Democratic candidates use personal attacks at a much higher rate in 2010 campaign ads, reports the Jackson Sun.
Anti-Cohen Agression
Congressman Steve Cohen seems to be facing a more aggressive candidate in the general election — “a rare African American Republican candidate named Charlotte Bergman” than he did in the primary against former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, says Zach McMillin.
Slinging Mud At Mudslinging
This year’s political season is stumbling to a ignominious close, with some candidates in Tennessee stooping to levels rarely seen in the Volunteer State, says a News Sentinel editorial.
A Commercial Appeal editorial has a similar theme: The hate mongering and political pandering that have escorted the electorate through the 2010 season have been like the worst date one could imagine — loud, obnoxious and openly hostile.

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