Poll: Many Like Idea of 3rd Party Candidates, But Won’t Vote For Them

A recent poll conducted in the 8th Congressional District found that 46 percent thought it would be good for American politics if the country had a viable third party, but only 2 percent said they would vote for a third-party candidate in the election, the Jackson Sun reports.
Union University political science department chairman Sean Evans said those numbers represent what he believes is often the case — people are happier with the idea of a third party or independent candidate than the actuality.
“The general idea of support reflects the frustration people have in the government not solving problems,” Evans said. “But when they have to make an actual choice and know they only have two real choices, they are going to vote Republican or Democratic.”
The poll was conducted the second week in October for The Hill, a Washington-based congressional newspaper.
The two independent candidates in the 8th District race, Donn Janes and Mark Rawles, said they have received mixed reactions to their bid for a seat in Congress. Neither man has an even shot at winning the seat, with polls giving them only 2 percent to 5 percent of the vote.
But both candidates said they feel it is important to give voters another option and perhaps provide a better chance for future candidates.

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