TN Political History Buff Alert: Blount County & the GOP

A post by Elrod at Knoxviews combines commentary on the present state of Republican domination in Blount County with a comparison to the past. A sample nugget:
Yes, Barack Obama got a greater share of the vote in Blount County than did William Jennings Bryan! More remarkable was the fact that McKinley was detested in most of the rural South as a symbol of the Northeastern banking and industrial elite while Bryan and his famous “Cross of Gold” perfectly encapsulated the evangelical and populist spirit of the white South at the time. But not in Blount County.

One thought on “TN Political History Buff Alert: Blount County & the GOP

  1. Elrod

    Thanks for the link, Tom! Sometimes we forget that history – particularly family voting tradition – defines our voting habits more than ideology. It isn’t that Blount County would be Democratic if it were in Middle or West Tennessee. But it would almost certainly be less universally Republican if not in East Tennessee – at least at the county political level.

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