Kerr to Guber Candidates: Don’t Take High School Questions Lightly

Gail Kerr, who served as a “coach” for Nashville area high school students who will question gubernatorial candidates Tuesday evening, says in her Sunday column that Bill Haslam and Mike McWherter “better not take this lightly.”
She also gives some details on the event, which was organized by First Lady Andrea Conte and will be held at Conservation Hall, which adjoins the executive residence where the two candidates hope to be living next year.
One school’s team will ask a candidate a question. He’ll have one minute to answer. The other candidate will not have a chance to respond. The next question, from a different school, will go to him. Haslam and McWherter will each get one minute to make a closing statement.
It’s a rigid format, not designed to allow give-and-take fireworks between the two men. It aims to give students a genuine opportunity to ask questions about things that matter to them. Their questions are not being reviewed or screened by the governor’s office.

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