TBI: School Crimes Down in TN

TBI News release:Nashville, TN- The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation today released its second study dedicated to crime in Tennessee’s schools. Produced by TBI’s Crime Statistics Unit, the study spans a three-year period between 2007 and 2009 and is based on numbers submitted by Tennessee law enforcement agencies to the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS). The state’s first ever school crimes study was released in May of 2009.
Excluded in the study are statistics from Tennessee’s college and university law enforcement agencies. Those statistics are compiled in TBI’s “Crime on Campus” report that was released earlier this year. During the timeframe of this study, there were 2.2% of the total statewide offenses submitted that occurred at a school. 2007 recorded the highest number of offenses at 13,989. Some incidents involve student offenders and student victims who are at a school activity and commit a crime. However, there are other instances where adult and/or juvenile victims and offenders happen to be at a school, but neither are there to participate in a school function. All are included in this study.
“School Crimes Study” Fact List
2.2% of total crime committed across the state, or approximately 13,000 incidents each year during the study, occurred at schools.
In 2009, there was a decrease of 2.3% of total crime reported at schools.
The most frequently reported offense was simple assault with 54% of offenders being male. The majority of victim/offender relationships was Acquaintance at approximately 50%.
The most frequently reported weapon type was Personal Weapons at 76%. Firearms account for nearly 3% of the weapons.
Most offenses were cleared by arrest at 88%.
Crime in schools is a concern for Tennesseans. It is important to understand the characteristics surrounding school crime and its offenders and victims. This understanding will help schools, policy makers, law enforcement and the public learn how to better combat crime in schools. To view the “School Crimes Study” in its entirety, go to the TBI website at www.tbi.tn.gov. Click on “Crime Statistics” from the homepage.

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