Policy Research ‘Pork’ Listing for 2010

The annual Tennessee Center for Policy Research “pork report” claims $260 million in wasteful spending by state and local governments in Tennessee in 2010.
Instances highlighted by the group in a news release include:
• $15 million for a swimming pool in Kingsport.
• $3.95 million in excess fees collected by state professional regulatory boards.
• $1.6 million to fund state-owned golf courses.
• $1.5 million to help smokers kick the habit.
• $450,481 for two statues in downtown Nashville.
Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Books From Birth Foundation and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library are also in the pork category, the report says.
The full report (pdf) is HERE.
Further, from WPLN Public Radio:
Justin Owen is the Tennessee Center for Policy Research’s acting executive director.
“The bulk of the state spending came from a very few programs. We looked at, obviously, the Pre-K program, as well as Tenn-Investco. So that alone counts for about…$163 million of it, there.”
TNInvestco is a tax-credit program for insurance companies that supporters consider a way of encouraging investment in small businesses. Most of the program’s details are kept out of the public record, which has lead to complaints.

See also the News Sentinel, which notes Knox County dog parks are porked by the report.

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