Top PACs in $6 Million Spent on Legislative Races in 2008

The Registry of Election Finance has made available its 2008 report on political action committee donations to state legislators, which totaled $6,039,523.
Note that the figures are only donations to candidates, not to other PACs or parties. The Registry treats political parties and the partisan caucuses as PACS, too, to their donations are included in the totals. There follows a listing of top contributors in three PAC categories.
Top ten special interest PACs and total of donations to legislative candidates in 2008:
TN Association of Justice (Trial lawyers) $232,750
TN Realtors Association $208,500
TN Medical Association (doctors) $137,750
TN Bankers Association $131,250
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union $126,600
TH Health Care Association (nursing homes) $101,750
TN Education Association (teachers) $97,750
WSWT (wine & liquor wholesalers) $95,800
Federal Express $87,200
TN State Employees Association $76,301

Plus three that came close:
National HealthCorp. $73,850
TN Highway Contractors (Roadbuilders) $70,750
TN Hospital Association $69,050
Ten “leadership” PACs, a/k/a “personal PACs,” which are typically operated by one individual:
Speaker’s Fund (Jimmy Naifeh) $161,500
CAS PAC (Glen Casada) $89,032
RAAMPAC (Ron Ramsey) $77,580
TN K.Y.L.E (Jim Kyle) $79,250
MUMPAC (Jason Mumpower) $70,533
Majority Tennessee (Don Sundquist, others) $68,500
Volunteer PAC (Bill Frist) $52,000
Tennessee’s Tomorrow (Roy Herron) $42,500
MPAC (Mark Norris) $40,500
Odom PAC (Gary Odom) $8,000
Wedge PAC (Marsha Blackburn) $4,750
Top PACs with political party affiliation:
TN Legislative Campaign Committee (state GOP) $469,596
Tennessee Democratic Party $331,214
House Democratic Caucus $123,644
Senate Republican Caucus $120,000
Senate Democratic Caucus $70,546
House Republican Caucus $49,449
TN Republican Caucus $40,000

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