‘Huffy’ Policeman Meets ‘Arrogant’ Mayor

Johnson City Mayor Jane Myron was stopped by Johnson City Police Office Jason Lewis for driving 53 mph in a 30 mph zone, reports the Johnson City Press, and the verbal interlude between the two during the stop does not indicate a friendship was in the making.
The newspaper is seeking a tape recording of their conversation over the ticket. But here’s a sample of what they had to say about it to a reporter:
“She came across as arrogant — as if I was a bother to her,” Lewis said Thursday. “She stated that she may miss a meeting because of the stop. She said she would end up just paying the fine, otherwise it would look bad as mayor.”
And from the mayor: “He asked where I was going, which I thought was none of his business. He said ‘sign the ticket.’ (an electronic, hand-held device which is signed on a glass display, not on paper). The sun was in my eyes, and I had my sunglasses on. I told him I couldn’t see the line.”
A copy of the signature on a paper version of the citation is illegible.
“He said, ‘Get back in the car and see if you can see it,'” she added. “He was a little bit huffy about me not being able to sign it. But if I was speeding, I was speeding. I’ve never thrown the fact that I’m mayor in anyone’s face.”

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