Ramsey: For It Before He Was Against It (That Hospital Fee that is NOT a Tax)

Rick Locker uses his new blog outlet to provide bloc quotes on Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey talking, first, about the hospital “enhanced coverage assessment” that is not a tax and his inclination to support it – and then why he voted against it. (See earlier post on the Senate vote Thursday HERE.)
Here’s the part about why he was one of five no votes on Thursday:
This was what Ramsey had to say after the Senate vote today:

Reporter: “Did you vote against the hospital fee?”

Ramsey: “I did vote against that.”

Reporter: “I thought you were okay with that. What happened?”

Ramsey: “I just don’t think the timing was right for me to vote on that right now. And I’m not going to criticize others who did because I understand that within their specific districts, that that was a vote they needed to make.”

Reporter: “What do you mean by ‘the timing not being right’?”

Ramsey: (jokingly) “It came up at 11:30 and I wanted to wait ’till 11:35.”

Reporter: “But as speaker you could have probably prevented that bill from coming to the floor, could you not?”

Ramsey: “There’s a possibility.”

Reporter: “Is it a coincidence that two others who voted against it are running for Congress?”

Ramsey: “Ask them.”

Reporter: “Seriously, you’ve talked about how this is an important issue, that the hospitals could find this money to avoid drastic cuts. Is the political price so high to vote for this that it’s not worth doing?”

Ramsey: “The timing wasn’t right for me to do it right now, that’s all I’ll say.”

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