Halls & W. Maury City, Just a Frog Jump Away?

Stephen Fincher, who has presented himself as the gospel-singing farmer from Frog Jump, Tenn., in campaigning for the Republican nomination to the 8th Congressional District seat, lists his mailing address as Halls and his residence as the “W. Maury City” community on a Crockett County voter registration form, reports JR Lind. Records posted by Lind also indicate Fincher has also voted in past Democratic primaries.
One of his primary opponents, Ron Kirkland, appreciated Lind’s Nashville Post Politics report so much that he emailed around today to supporters and the media.

3 thoughts on “Halls & W. Maury City, Just a Frog Jump Away?

  1. Ashley Jordan

    Do a little research before you report something. Frog Jump, TN is an unincorporated Tennessee community without a ZipCode. All Frog Jump residents have a Maury City Phone number and a Halls mailing address. I can assure you that Stephen Fincher lives in Frog Jump as do I. Frog Jump is located in Crockett County, Tennessee. In Crockett County, all local officials run in a Democrat Primary regardless of party. There is no Republican Primary for local offices so if you want to vote in a local election in Crockett County you have no choice but to vote in a Democrat Primary. Again, you folks should get your facts correct before you go off reporting on something!

  2. Betty Bean

    Hey, Tom–
    The only Halls people in Knoxville know about is in north Knox County and it’s closer to Tater Valley than anything having to do with frogs. I doubt any of us can vote for this Fincher feller anyhow.

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