Fleischmann’s 1st TV Ad: Mother, Father, Faith, Family, Business

Release from the Fleischmann campaign:
CHATTANOOGA – Chuck Fleischmann for Congress has launched its first television ad, “Real Prosperity”. The ad will appear on broadcast television in Chattanooga.
The ad shares Chuck’s life story about how he lost his mother at a young age, but still went on to raise a family, run a small business, and honor his mother’s life by taking care of his father and living his Christian faith.
Link to YouTube of the ad is HERE. Script below.
Script for “Real Prosperity” (TV :30):
Narrator: “A humble upbringing taught Chuck Fleischmann to work hard and have faith. Chuck lost his mother as a boy. He worked his way through school, married his college sweetheart, started a business, and raised a family. And all along he’s honored his mother’s life by taking care of his father, and living his Christian faith. Chuck Fleischmann shares our values because he’s lived them.”
Chuck: “I’m Chuck Fleischmann, and I approve this message.”

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