Sour Notes Sounded in State Song Situation

In Sunday’s News Sentinel, columnists Michael Silence and Sam Venable provide a duet performance in lampooning the Legislature over a bill to designate “So I’ll Just Shine in Tennessee” as an eighth official state song. (Or ninth, if you count the official Tennessee Bicentinnel Rap, adopted in 1996.)
Writes Venable: Far be it from me to heap ridicule upon members of the state Legislature. They don’t need the likes of me. They heap more than enough themselves.
He notes that Tennessee already has more state songs than any other state. Most just have one. But he also suggests opening lyrics for yet another:
O, Tennessee, land of my birth; the home of bellies round;
Where teeth are green and football reigns and six-guns loudly sound.

And here’s an excerpt from Silence:
Now comes the latest lunacy from Nashville; whether or not to have an eighth state song. Like seven isn’t enough?
As I said last week on my blog, “I swear this bunch is out to out-pathetic last year’s General Assembly. How about a reality show? We could call it “Lawmakers Unhinged.” Lord knows the show would not lack for participants or subjects.”

If you haven’t followed along on the Tennessee tune topic, the original report is HERE.

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