Ramsey Taxpayer-funded Mailer Draws Attention

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey has sent a direct mail piece to 45,000 homes in his state Senate district at a cost to state taxpayers of $24,000, reports Hank Hayes. The piece declares that Ramsey, who is running for governor, is “Listening, Working, Fighting for Us.”
Excerpt from the article:
The mail piece does not say “Ron Ramsey For Governor,” but Ramsey agreed its talking points are similar to those used in an election campaign.
“That’s what I stand for as a state senator,” he said of the talking points in the mail piece. “My message hasn’t changed to run for governor. This is what I’ve stood for since I ran for office in 1992. Would there be some overlap there? Obviously.”

The mail piece also has a tear-off survey to mail back to the lieutenant governor and asks people to rank 10 issues on a scale of 1 to 10.
One question asked about purchasing health insurance across state lines, more of a Washington issue than a Nashville issue. Said Ramsey: “If we can I’d like to convey that to my congressional colleagues. That’s something people care about and I care about. ”
State Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester said the mailer appears legal, but “I just question whether that’s appropriate ethical behavior.”

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