If You’re Looking for TN Political Reading This Weekend….

Bob Is Richer Than Lamar
Bob Corker has belatedly filed his financial disclosure, listing assets (under the odd system for federal officeholders that is designed to avoid specifics) as “between $17.1 million and $87.6 million. ” Lamar Alexander, who filed on time earlier, has only ‘between $9.6 million and $36.6 million” in assets. Both are richer than the average senator, according to the report from The Tennessean. And the average Tennessean, for that matter.
Debate in Zambodia (or, uh, Memphis}
The backdrop of last week’s debate among the Memphis mayoral candidates is recounted by the Commercial Appeal, which says the debate’s TV ratings beat an NFL preseason football game and a “Big Brother” episode to turn “Opera Memphis into the hottest act in town on a Thursday night.”
Seems that Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges, a “perennial candidate who claims to be from the planet Zambodia and who made his first run for mayor in 1978” almost gummed up the works with a lawyer’s help, but wound up debating with commentary such as Memphis has “a bunch of thieves in office who’ve stolen us blind” and suggesting that all citizens be issued a machine gun.
Jackson Baker has a “think piece” on the debate and another candidate has emerged, acknowledging that he gave the former mayor $9,000 as a “gift”
Ballot Configuration Research
Deciding whether Democrats or Republicans should be listed first on ballots in Tennessee polling places next November would not seem to require a lot of research. Democrats would want their folks first, Republicans would want their candidates first, since top billing may be worth a percentage point or two when results are counted.
But it seems that research is required by the Secretary of State’s office. Musings on the matter in Sunday’s News Sentinel column.

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