A Tale of the Cobb Web (or Some Corn on the Cobbs)

Chris Fletcher of the Columbia Daily Herald has done an entertaining column about Ty Cobb.
Actually, he mentions five of them, starting with the famous baseball player, Tyrus Raymond “Ty” Cobb. But most attention is focused on state Rep. John Tyler “Ty” Cobb, D-Columbia, and Tyrus H. “Ty” Cobb of Shelbyville the Democratic nominee in House District 62.
(Unmentioned is the Legislature’s non-Ty Cobb, Rep. Jim Cobb, R-Spring City. Mentioned is a Nevada Republican Assemblyman Ty Cobb and a Maury County youngster named Ty Cobb. )
“Politics is about name recognition,” says Columbia Cobb, who had bumper stickers in his campaign featuring his name with a baseball. He got the nickname, by the way, as a Little League baseball player.
Shelbyville Cobb says confusion between the two is not new. He recalls last November, when both Columbia Cobb and Shelbyville Cobb’s brother, Curt, won House elections.
News of Ty Cobb’s win was heard by some of Shelbyville Cobb’s friends on the radio
“People were calling me on my cell phone saying, ‘Man, we didn’t even know you were running’,” he says.
And there’s some speculation: “What happens if someday he and I had to run against each other?”
Of course, this all may be premature. Shelbyville Cobb first has to defeat Republican Pat Marsh of Shelbyville in an Oct. 13 special election.

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