Recommended Reading Roundup

More Media on Guns & Bars
The Chattanooga Times Free Press quotes a Baptist preacher backing the governor on his veto: “When you put a gun in the hand of someone who is under the influence of alcohol, you’re really mixing a bloody cocktail”… Gail Kerr finds a waitress opining that, “The guv grew a pair”…And even Newsweek did a write up on the flap.
Note: So far, however, I’ve seen no report on a legislator who voted for guns and bars changing his/her mind and declaring support for the veto.
The Curious Case of Kent
A.C. Kleinheider meditates on the matter, HERE.
Bredesen’s Blame-me Budget
In an interview with AP Erik, Govl Phil Bredesen responds to a question on legislator reaction to his package of budget cuts: “I hope they’ll just sort of say, ‘There’s lots of stuff not to like here, but we’ll blame it all on Bredesen’.”
The governor also said he finds budget-cutting emotionally trying, which makes for an interesting contrast to statements a while back that he found a “perverse” pleasure in the challenge.
Caption Bills 101
If you can’t figure how things can suddenly and amazingly appear in Legislatorland late in the session, yours truly provides a lecture of sorts HERE.

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