Bredesen’s Past Vetoes

Here is a list of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s past five vetoes, all of which have been upheld:
HB3019, vetoed on June 13, 2008, would have exempted two church-operated schools in Henry County from building and fire safety codes.
HB3658, vetoed on May 22, 2008, would have also exempted certain church-operated schools from fire safety codes.
HB1727, vetoed on July 6, 2007, would have limited a governor’s choices in appointing members of the Board of Licensing Contractors.
HB1797, vetoed June 27, 2007, would have provided a state subsidy for production of ethanol-blended gasoline.
SB2002, vetoed June 20, 2005, would imposed a special tax on cigarettes made by companies not making payments to the state under the “master settlement agreement.” (An attorney general’s opinion said the bill could jeopardize payments being made to the state.)

2 thoughts on “Bredesen’s Past Vetoes

  1. mike

    Look at the dates of the vetoes. The only reason these vetoes were upheld is they were vetoed after session was over. This is Bredesen’s first veto of a bill when the legislature has an opportunity to override his action without being called back into a special session.

  2. Tom Humphrey

    After checking with House Clerk Burney Durham and others to check my recall, here’s the deal:
    The legislature can override a veto the following year (so long as it has not adjourned sine die for the two-year session). The veto serves to block the law from going into effect until the Legislature has been in session for 30 days (i think that’s the time).
    Thus, the 105th General Assembly could have overridden those 2007 vetoes in 2008; the 2005 veto could have been overriden in 2006.
    the may 2008 veto apparently came with enough time left to override, but the sponsor (Butch Borchett, as i recall) chose not to do so. the june 2008 veto of similar bill may indeed have come too late to be overriden before the sine die adjournment.
    also as i recall (i’m sure about the ethanol subsidy and cigarette tax), the sponsors all decided against an override attempt.

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