Misfire in House Gunfight

The “guns in bars” bill, compromised into a guns-in-restaurants-that-don’t-serve-alcohol-after-11 o’clock bill, was stalled on the House floor by a strange confluence of those against the whole idea and those that didn’t think it went too far in compromising.
The key was an amendment by Rep. Brian Kelsey, who wanted to dump the 11 o’clock stuff. He argued that the curfew would be too confusing and won amendment approval – over the objections of the sponsor, fellow Republican Rep. Curry Todd – on a 61-32 vote. (Vote HERE)
With an exception or two, seems those opposed to liberalizing gun-packing opportunities, just to gum up the works, joined those who wanted even more liberalizing. Todd, after losing the skirmish, pulled the bill from facing a final battle.
Declared sponsor Todd afterwards, as reported by the AP:
“I’m disappointed with my Republican colleagues who sat there and didn’t vote with me… They left me hanging out there.”
Todd said his bill was the result of a carefully crafted compromise, and that it is now under threat of failing for the year because of Kelsey’s amendment.
“I had some of some of my colleagues — and I won’t name them — going around working behind the scenes behind me, and never had the courtesy to come see me,” he said.

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