Al Gore’s Uncle, RIP

The AP
and the Jackson Sun Report that former Circuit Court Judge Whit LaFon, an uncle
of former Vice President Al Gore, has died in Jackson at age 91.


inspires a bit of recollection.


I called
Judge LaFon back when he was accused of drug trafficking and various other
misdeeds by World Net Daily as part of a curious smear campaign that,
rightfully I suspect, never got any traction in mainstream media. But it was a
big deal among the right-wing radio clan.

 The allegations were so sensational,
I gave him a call just to see if he’d say anything. (The Gore gang wasn’t.) He
answered the phone, but declined any comment on the record. I left that one


I saw him
some time later at an event honoring veterans at the state capitol. He was a
frail old gentleman wearing one of those American Legion hats and a name tag.
Introduced myself, chatted a moment, and mentioned the effort to contact him


He said
Al had told him to be quiet about that “pile of (animal excrement),” but that it
was absurd conjecture and had made him madder than anything he had ever
experienced — and he was really like to vent about it sometime. I gave him a
card with my phone number. He never called.


From the
AP: The Jackson Sun quoted another of LaFon’s nephews, Tom LaFon, of Park City,
Utah, who said the former judge had a stroke about two weeks ago…. LaFon was
the brother of Pauline Gore, the mother of Nobel laureate Al Gore.

retired from the bench in 1998, telling a Sun reporter he planned to help in
Gore’s presidential campaign.

Gov. Ned McWherter, who appointed LaFon to Circuit Court in 1987, said he was
“an honest, decent public servant who played by the rules and enjoyed his

Graveside services were scheduled for
Saturday afternoon at Hollywood Cemetery.

 I strongly suspect that Ned was right and those other guys were wrong.

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