Teddy Bart, A Particle of God

Teddy Bart, veteran Nashville broadcast personality who was recently arrested in a police prostitution sting operation, has published a novel, A Particle of God.
Here’s a description from the promotional email:
A Particle of God is cleverly crafted parable of an aging local talk show host facing his own inner demons. While wallowing in a pool of self-pity and recrimination after losing his gig, Joey Robin receives a mysterious message instructing him to set out on a journey. Along the way he encounters departed legends of broadcasting–Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Arthur Godfrey and others. They help him find answers to the questions that haunt him: Why some…not others? Does fate enter in, or can a person really create their own reality? For those who believe success has unfairly eluded them, if you brood why fame and fortune has been granted to others and not to you, “A Particle of God” is a must read.
i occasionally appeared as a guest on the Teddy Bart Roundtable radio talk show in Nashville and in the process got to know his wise and witty wife, Jana, as well. The politically-neutral-and-informationally-oriented show was, basically, killed as not fiscally viable by its bipartisan board of directors, which included Democrat Ned McWherter and Republican Ted Welch.
Along with everyone else similarly acquainted with the always amiable and inquisitive Teddy, the arrest of Teddy’s seventy-something self in such circumstances was a jaw-dropper. It didn’t make sense. An emailer acquaintance summed it up: “Next you;re going to tell me Santa Claus is a child molester.”
The book, of course, was written long before the arrest episode. The timing of the release and the arrest is, however, interesting. Despite budget constraints (the NS cut our pay, you know), I may actually break down and buy a copy. It’s on Amazon HERE, if anyone wants to get ahead of me and report back.
And I do wish Teddy — and Jana — the best. One stupid, incomprehensible foulup shouldn’t erase all that proceeded, should it?

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