Sparks bound to fly between Enfield, Floyd at Battle 4 Atlantis

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas — So if you haven’t heard by now, there were fireworks in  the Bahamas last night.

News of the kerfuffle between USC coach Andy Enfield and UTEP coach Tim Floyd on Wednesday evening was rippling through the resort late last night and this morning. The reception where things popped off was for players, coaches and tournament staff. But college hoops maven Seth Davis was in attendance, apparently pretty close to the two, according to his tweets.

Here’s his recap of the jawing session.

The coaches and media types I talked to were not surprised this happened. It was almost expected. Floyd is an old-school coach who has served his time. He doesn’t tend to care too much about being PR friendly. He’s  probably  been sitting on the Enfield comments for a while, and got a chance to speak his mind when Enfield approached him.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope USC and UTEP find themselves playing one another this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!