1. Regardless of your Frank Martin take, we agree he's not suspended if he isn't caught on camera, right?

  2. I'm not sure it's coaching at all. By that reasoning, the school is suspending Martin because he isn't doing his job.

  3. Should college athletes have thick skin? Sure. But you can't convince me that a profanity-laced tirade is coaching.

  4. Bingo. RT : But I’d also agree there’s no need for a college coach to address a player that way. That isn’t coaching.

  5. How many retweets can this get? RT : If I see another campaign to retweet a selfie, I'm going to murder Twitter.

  6. We'll one day look back on that targeting rule change and refer to it as the "Duh Rule."

  7. RT Rule passes: teams won't be penalized 15 yards when officials overturn targeting penalty sources told ESPN

  8. Fashion update for Vols? RT : Adidas team uniforms for NCAA Tournament

  9. That NCAA release also includes a recommended penalty for hits below the knee on a QB

  10. Official NCAA release on Rules Committee tabling 10-second proposal:

  11. Steve Spurrier to : "There's plenty of ways to stop the up-tempo guys. Make sure your offense stays out there for a long time."

  12. If Bruce Pearl holds any animosity towards UT, the Alabama job is perfect. Ultimate troll. You'd almost have to be impressed.

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