1. I pledge thru my words & actions. Will you? Pledge now to create communities of inclusion for people with ID

  2. Few things are more counterproductive in corporate life than replying all to tell people to stop replying all.

  3. heard Keith talk about it once, he said John Ward taught him to always look back for flags on big plays and include it in your call

  4. Guess we'll have to settle for making medical breakthroughs, blockbuster movies and going to the moon.

  5. yes, people have been patient but w/ solid roster this yr, they have been disappointing. if they make the tourney, he's safe.

  6. if they miss this year, that's 3 straight yrs with no NCAAT. pearl made 6 straight. not unreasonable.

  7. My favorite fact about Canada: it's actually America's hat.

  8. The thought of Sal Sunseri being involved in any debate about defense is the most hilarious part of this.

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    ICYMI: Never fear, Vol Nation. The South might be covered in snow, but Butch Jones is still looking for recruits

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    Something you don't see often...snowball fight at Neyland Stadium!

  11. amazing how female athletes have had openly gay teammates for years and have never felt the need to make dumb comments like that.

  12. and what if no one is charged? Disseminating this information before it becomes public record hurts more than it helps.

  13. no offense, but by constantly tweeting about something that may/may not have happened, you are blowing it out of proportion.

  14. my office is right across the street from where Air Force One was parked today at BNA. Great view!

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