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  1. Andy Demetra on the radio: "All parties have nothing more to add at this time." They will not take calls about Martin's suspension.

  2. Assistant coach Perry Clark replaces Frank Martin on Carolina Calls . So Martin will not get to talk about his biggest win at USC (vs. UK).

  3. Spurrier Jr. said Byrd is "trying to gain a little weight. Hopefully we can get him above that 160 mark, closer to 170." Hefty goal.

  4. Steve Spurrier Jr. said Damiere Byrd is recovering well, but obviously not doing much. He'll miss spring with knee injury.

  5. Lorenzo Ward: "We don't have a superstar on defense. Everybody just understands they've got to play their role."

  6. Ward expects JT Surratt to be "nonvocal" leader like Chaz Sutton was in 2013: "JT will be a leader. He's done a great job in the offseason."

  7. Whammy said have enough CBs for spring, "but those freshmen are definitely going to be on the depth chart somewhere" come fall.

  8. At least 2nd time Frank Martin's words have gotten him in trouble this season. Earlier, he apologized for communication w/ Brenton Williams.

  9. Associate head coach Matt Figger will serve as acting head coach at Mississippi State, per USC.

  10. Tanner: “The one-game suspension is a result of inappropriate verbal communication as it relates to the well-being of our student-athletes."

  11. Frank Martin will miss season finale at Mississippi State because of "inappropriate verbals communication" with player, per USC.

  12. Already that time again. RT First spring practice of 2014! Indoors due to rain. Time to get better!

  13. It will be South Carolina vs. Georgia in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals noon Friday. clinched SEC title vs. Dawgs last week.

  14. sophomore Tiffany Mitchell one of 15 finalists for Wooden Award, which goes to nation's top player. Already SEC Player of Year.

  15. Vince Young would've sold tickets, too. He was born in Houston. RT manziel will sell tickets being a Texas boy

  16. Still think Clowney goes to Texans as top pick, for many reasons. Makes too much sense. Not smitten by any of these QBs. Maybe it's just me.

  17. Todd McShay has Jadeveon Clowney going No. 2 to St Louis Rams in NFL Draft, behind Blake Bortles to Houston Texans. Hey, those two have met.

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    Art Briles on criticism of no-huddle/safety: "What's safe about two tight ends, power formation with a fullback in the middle of the field?"

  19. A day after Steve Spurrier said "I've heard they've hopefully tabled" the proposed 10-second rule, they tabled it. HBC is pretty plugged in.

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