1. I don't have the app. I'm taking time off to find myself/focus on my snapchat game.

  2. I know uber facts is pretty much a scientific authority.... But I tend to disagree

  3. LOL that joke is funny NOT. That joke is NOT funny. The joke is funny.... NOOOOOT

  4. If Jarnell stays his senior year he migh just become a Tennessee legend

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    BREAKING: Gov Jan Brewer vetoes SB 1062. Says it will cause more problems than it solves.

  6. LOOOL Leah RT I know it's not Thursday yet but I just couldn't wait for this one

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    The White House chef says beginning every evening this year, he'll be serving the lame duck. Oh, and he'll serve the First Lady too.

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    I think iTunes updates more often than NHL teams change coaches.

  9. 5$ to the man who asks the PCB magician "where did you even study the dark arts"

  10. My favorite moment of college is still the time Ryan told us his dad sometimes wakes him up by tickling his feet

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