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    Rule passes: teams won't be penalized 15 yards when officials overturn targeting penalty sources told ESPN

  2. Todd McShay has Kony Ealy going 31st to Denver in his latest mock- (pay to read). Wasn't a 1st-rounder in his last.

  3. Pinkel gets $100K for non-BCS, 150K for "Tier 2," 200K for BCS/Playoff, 400K for the natty or 450K for winning the natty.

  4. Bonus structure has also added a "Tier 2" of non-BCS bowls- Cap One, Outback, Gator, Texas, Music City, Belk, Liberty- that wasn't there.

  5. Plus the contract has added 200 for 12, 250 for 13, 400 for 14.

  6. Pinkel's win bonuses are greatly enhanced. Was 15K for 9, 20 for 10, 25 for 11. Now 50K for 9, 100 for 10, 150 for 11.

  7. On the blog: We look at possible positions of strength and positions of need for the Tigers in 2014- .

  8. Missouri's assistant coach salary pool increased 20 percent with Pinkel's new deal and has increased 41 percent in the past 13 months.

  9. Online: Gary Pinkel's new deal starts him out at $3.1 million a year, runs through 2020- .

  10. If Pinkel coaches through the end of his deal, he'll have been Missouri's coach for 20 years.

  11. Under Pinkel's old bonus structure, it capped his bonuses at $25K for 11 wins. Now it goes to 14 wins. And 11-win bonus is now $150K.

  12. Alden, on Pinkel: "We're really confident in his commitment to Missouri. We're pretty confident we'll be working together for a long time."

  13. Alden says there was no talk of naming a coach in waiting during the negotiation process.

  14. If Pinkel terminates contract, he owes MU $500K. If MU terminates before end of term, it owes him $350K times years left on the deal.

  15. Alden says coordinators under 2-year deals, assistants under 1-year options.

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