Tennessee football PracticeGram: Photos from Day 8

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee -- Taking worthwhile photos of a fast-moving athletic event with a cell phone is a losing battle, but the magic of Instagram helps disguise some of the limitations. 

Check out tonight's installment of PracticeGram photos taken at this morning's practice at the Neyland Thompson sports complex.

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Above: The Vols stretch before the start of practice.

Below: Tennessee defensive linemen prepare for an outstretched dive onto a mat under the watchful eye of line coach Steve Stripling.

Photo by ewoodbery

  Photo by ewoodbery

The landing... 

  Photo by ewoodbery

Below: Defensive linemen as receivers

  Photo by ewoodbery

Below: Running backs in the midst of a drill.

  Photo by ewoodbery

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