1. That's Doyel on Rome TV, thought it was the wackadoo who used to own the 76ers

  2. I think Va will have its share of fans there and NCCU would only get an "underdog" bump

  3. the last time Va was good, they had a bunch of fans in Tampa for the ACC tourney

  4. Cuse would have the best "group" record in that scenario, that's the first tiebreaker

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    JAMIE! RT : Phil Martelli called out an official by name and basically requested it be published

  6. So, there's no path to State-UNC on Friday at ACC tourney

  7. Syracuse wins, UNC can't be 2 Syracuse loses, State can't be 7

  8. This is not really clarity but State can finish 7 and UNC can finish 2 but both can't happen

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    The early take from 's loss at Wake, w Wojo on K's health concern that caused him to skip the postgame presser

  10. In short, there are no outstanding legal charges against Thornton and he's already been punished by NC State for the previous charge in 2013

  11. According to Thornton's attorney, Lee Turner, Thornton is still on track with the terms of the deferred prosecution

  12. Thornton still has the deferred prosecution from the assault on a female case from last August

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