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Recruiting Kahlil McKenzie: Here’s something you don’t see every day

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The toughest part of the college football recruiting game is finding something new and different.

It’s why schools pay artists to create individualized drawings to mail to recruits, why teams compete to see who can stuff more letters in a recruits’ mailbox and why every visit — official or unofficial — is now a well-choreographed show.

It’s also why Vols coach Butch Jones appears to be engaged in some sort of online scavenger hunt with elite defensive tackle prospect Kahlil McKenzie. See for yourself:


Kahlil McKenzie posted this message with the photo above: “Found the first bucket!! @UTCoachJones is counting down the days till July 10th different location everyday!!”

July 10 is the day McKenzie says he will decide between Tennessee and Arizona. Most expect the consensus five-star prospect to pick the Vols because of his family ties to Knoxville. McKenzie’s father Reggie, the general manager of the Oakland Raiders, is a Knoxville native and Vol standout. So is his uncle, Reggie’s twin brother, Raleigh.

But Jones clearly isn’t taking McKenzie’s decision for granted. That means 36 more days of this, presumably. Let’s hope Jones and his staff have some more ideas under his hat.

Tennessee’s ‘Rock’ has unwelcome ‘Roll Tide’ message

The Rock had some unwelcome artwork today (via @DandyAndy110)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Alabama fans in the student body? Renegade out-of-staters with a scheme to deface Tennessee’s Rock? This guy? Other suspects?

We’re not sure who did the deed, but someone apparently got to the Rock last night.

I assume it’s been painted over by now, but you never know.

It looks like a professional job, what with the stenciling and all. I guess this game is still a rivalry, after all.

I’m not sure who to credit for the photo because it’s been retweeted so many times, but I’m going with @DandyAndy110 for now. Let me know anyone else deserves a hat tip.