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The 2014 Class: Why Tennessee continues to stockpile receivers in recruiting

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee has added two more commitments since the last time we took an in-depth look at building the 2014 class, and both players are notable because of the positions they play.

Offensive tackle prospect Orlando Brown is the second member of what should be a massive offensive line class. Junior college prospect Kameel Jackson is the fourth member of what is already a large group of receiver prospects that is expected to grow even larger between now and February.

The difference between the two positions? The Vols are losing at least four and probably five offensive linemen to graduation (or the NFL) after the 2013 season. At receiver, UT isn’t losing anybody.

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Receivers struggle in Tennessee spring practice No. 11: View from sidelines (updated)

<img class="photo" src="http://distilleryimage9.ak.instagram.com/ca912d3aa13e11e280ba22000a9f1893_7.jpg" alt="Photo by ewoodbery"

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee
— It’s no surprise that Tennessee’s receivers corps is rebuilding after losing two potential first-round receivers, but the problems may be more dire than expected.

I’ve never claimed to be a football guru. I don’t try to analyze a lineman’s technique or comment on a quarterback’s release point. But sometimes the conclusions are obvious even for amateurs like me: Tennessee’s receivers have a LONG way to go.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more drops in a single practice viewing period. Devrin Young and Alton “Pig” Howard had rough days. Receivers coach Zach Azzanni was even critical at times of the normally stalwart Cody Blanc. The one exception? Jason Croom. There’s little doubt he has been the most consistent receiver, and certainly over the last week or two.

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Tennessee football roundup (with video and photos)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Contending with distractions was one of the themes of Tuesday’s practice. Let’s hope, for the sake of our eardrums, that coach Butch Jones moves on to a new topic when the Vols reconvene on Thursday.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check out the video above. Just make sure your volume isn’t too high. If you’re at work or without headphones, you can check out our photos from the day instead.

Here’s the rest of our recent football coverage in the News Sentinel and GoVolsXtra:

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Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Images from Tuesday’s practice

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — That beautiful image of Haslam Field is brought to you through the magic of digitally altered photography.

Instagram filters aside, it was a gorgeous day Tuesday when the Vols took the practice field for their 10th session of the spring.

Check out all the #PracticeGram photos below. If you want to be bombarded with them all at once, follow me on Instagram. You can also view the photos directly on my tumblr page.

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Butch Jones invites distractions — baby crying, car alarm wailing — during practice: View from the sidelines (updated)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee coach Butch Jones promised a few random — and annoying — practice distractions during his pre-spring press conference. 

On Tuesday morning, he delivered.

A baby crying. A siren screeching. An airplane taking off. A car alarm wailing incessantly.

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A closer look at Tennessee’s big losses looming on offensive, defensive lines

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — With five months left before the 2013 season kicks off, it seems vastly premature to look ahead to 2014.

But we did anyway. And if you think this season’s roster presents some challenges, you don’t want to look ahead to 2014.

The biggest attrition is on the lines. The defense line will lose six players to graduation after 2013; the offensive line is losing at least four.

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Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Photos from Saturday’s scrimmage

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Our award-winning* #PracticeGram feature is back for another day. 

I have a new app on my phone that makes it easy to get frame-by-frame captures, and I went sort of crazy on the sidelines.

My favorite sequence is above and below. Cody Blanc goes up for a pass from Justin Worley, but it zips over or through his hands.

And comes shooting right toward me (below). Luckily I flinched just in time to avoid it hitting me in the, uh, midsection.

Photo by ewoodbery

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Tennessee’s 2nd spring scrimmage: Notes and observations from Neyland Stadium

Thumbnail image for butch-jones-practice-smotherman-burgess.jpg

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — This time, there was no tinkering with the score needed.

The scoreboard for Saturday’s scrimmage — Defense 86, Offense 63 — really did tell the tale of the day. Tennessee’s defense was better than the offense at Neyland Stadium, and sometimes overwhelmingly so.

“I think we’re making strides defensively,” said Tennessee coach Butch Jones. “Our offense needs to step up. Someone needs to take full ownership.”

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Wrapping up Tuesday’s practice with hard-hitting video, interviews and more

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Butch Jones like competition in practice, and Tuesday morning’s session offered plenty of it.

Our videos feature tons of hits and pad crunches in a tackling drill between linebackers and offensive players. You’ll also see some one-on-one matchups between receivers and defensive backs.

You can catch up on all of our video here, or just subscribe to my Youtube page to get updates as they happen.

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New UT coach Robert Gillespie’s Twitter popularity soars, while Jay Graham updates his profile with a new look

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — It didn’t take long for the newest member of Tennessee’s coaching staff to get a new Twitter handle.

New running backs coach Robert Gillespie is now @UTCoachG. In just one morning, he surged over 5,000 followers from about 1,500 at West Virginia when he was a semi-regular tweeter.

Gillespie did post a goodbye message to fans in West Virginia before switching over.

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