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Tennessee football: Vols play Oregon’s fight song at practice (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — If you’re a college football fan, you’re probably a connoisseur of fight songs, and I must say that I really love “Mighty Oregon.”

I might not love it by the end of the week, however, if Tennessee coach Butch Jones keeps playing it over and over again in practice.

“The storm is coming,” Jones warned players in Tuesday’s session. View the video at its highest HD setting for best results. Unfortunately they did much of their work on the far field on Tuesday, so today’s video is shot from a distance.

While you’re here, check out our GVX Spotlight below. I’m flying solo this week, as colleague Brendan Quinn is on assignment in Oregon.

Tennessee football: Highlights, interviews from Western Kentucky week (videos)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee is 24 hours away from its first big test of the 2013 season.

A well-played victory would give the Vols a 2-0 start and at least a modicum of confidence heading into a difficult game at Oregon.

A loss would make Tennessee’s path to six wins — and bowl eligibility — that much harder. And much of the early enthusiasm that has surrounded the start of a new football era would evaporate.

Get caught up with everything that happened this week by checking out our collection of videos. As always, watch in your highest HD setting for best results.

Tennessee football practice: Curt Maggitt back in orange at Tuesday’s practice (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — By now you’ve read that Tennessee linebacker Curt Maggitt has returned to the practice fields and could play in Saturday’s game against Western Kentucky.

But do you have visual proof?

Now you do.

Check out the video above. That’s Maggitt, No. 56, wearing orange and enjoying the hip-hop of B.o.B. and T.I. (As always, watch the video in your highest available HD setting for best results).

The practice video was cut short by Butch Jones on Tuesday, who wants to keep some stuff under wraps for this weekend after not showing much in the opener.

The Vols practice on Wednesday at 4:20 p.m. We’ll have more news and notes after practice is over.

Tennessee football: Preparing for Austin Peay (videos)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee’s season opener against Austin Peay is only 48 hours away and the first week of in-season practice is coming to a close.

The video above, shot Wednesday, has a look at defensive backs coach Willie Martinez in action.

Good news! We’ve won our legal battle against Rich Homie Quan and his team of attorneys and our video from Tuesday¬†(which had been flagged for copyright violations) is now back online. You can view it below.

As always, watch the videos in your highest available HD settings for best results.

Tennessee football practice: Highlights from Thursday’s ‘grueling’ session (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The Vols will go behind closed doors this weekend for their final preparations before the start of game week.

Tennessee plans to conduct a “mock game” Friday at Neyland Stadium. The weekly game-week press conference is Monday, which is when we expect to see a final depth chart released.

Thursday’s practice lasted nearly three hours. Read about it here and here. The highlights above are from the last open practice before game week on Thursday night. Watch in your highest available HD settings for best results.

Tennessee football practice: Scenes from Sunday’s special teams work (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — There was more harping on the punting unit in Sunday’s practice, although I managed to find a few “attaboys” in the video to balance out the negative stuff.

Will it be an adventure the first time Tennessee has to punt the football? I don’t think so. Most of the problems are on the second team. Butch Jones is a stickler for details on special teams, so even the second unit probably isn’t as bad as it might seem.

Also included in the video are comments from Jones and Brian Randolph, some outstanding hip-hop selections from the Haslam Field DJ and photos of puppies. But you have to make it to the end for that.

Tennessee football practice: Highlights from open session at Neyland Stadium (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — No one will ever confuse me with a meteorologist.¬†So perhaps I shouldn’t feel too bad that I raved about the “gorgeous evening” only a few minutes before the skies opened and rain sent people scrambling for cover Saturday night at Neyland Stadium.

The crowd was incredible — even if it was closer to 25,000 than the officially announced 39,000 — and Butch Jones did a nice job of making it fun for the fans as well as useful for his team.

Check out the video for some sights and sounds from the sidelines of Neyland Stadium. Watch in HD settings for best quality.

The Vols return to the practice fields on Sunday at about 2 p.m., although the team will likely move indoors because it’s still raining.

Tennessee football practice: Highlights from Friday’s special teams work

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The Vols take the field for a 7 p .m. open practice and scrimmage at Neyland Stadium on Saturday night.

You can read all the details here.

A scheduled Saturday morning practice was canceled, which means the players will be fresh and rested for the public showing.

In the meantime, check out the video above from Friday afternoon’s workout. As always, watch it in your highest possible HD setting for best quality.

Tennessee football practice video: Highlights from Monday morning’s session

KNOXVILLE, TennesseeButch Jones offered an homage to the Harlem Globetrotters on Monday morning.

In an otherwise intense and testy morning practice, a drill that is more often seen on the basketball court offered a little bit of levity.

Jones took it seriously, though. Much like the similar drill in basketball, players had to call out the name of the person they were passing to. When Jones told them to speed up the tempo, there were some drops.

The Harlem Globetrotters theme music in the background offers a nice touch. Check out the video above, and view it in the highest available HD setting for best results.

Tennessee practice video: Highlights from Saturday morning’s scrimmage

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The headline is a bit misleading, because we weren’t able to film any of the actual scrimmage portion.

(I’m not complaining. Practice access here is better than probably 95 percent of the country).

So check out the video for some stretching hype music, some quarterback drills and, my personal favorite, some loud blocking sled action. As always, watch in the highest available HD setting for best quality.

The Vols scrimmage again at Neyland Stadium at about 7 p.m . this evening, which means post-practice updates will be very late.

Check out my early-practice observations.