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Joshua Dobbs shares video of 60-yard pass hitting crossbar with a ping

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Viral videos showing incredible feats of athleticism usually end up being a guerrilla marketing campaign for a sports drink.

But I have to think this video of Joshua Dobbs hitting the cross bar from 60 yards out is legit. It even has a great “ping” sound.

But was it actually his first try? Or did this bit of Instagram magic require multiple takes? I’ll give Dobbs the benefit of the doubt.

Vols signee Jalen Hurd ‘soft?’ So says a voice from Southern Cal’s war room

This video was still active as of Monday afternoon.

This video was still active as of Monday afternoon.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — On National Signing Day, recruiting war rooms are often open to the media.

Usually that only means manufactured celebrations for ESPN. Sometimes, however, the microphone can capture frank comments from staff members.

That’s what appears to have happened in the Southern California war room. The Trojans used their official Instagram feed to publicize each new player on National Signing Day.

In the video in question*, a staff member slaps the name of a new signee on the board as an ESPN broadcast buzzes in the background. The network is discussing Tennessee’s class, including Jalen Hurd, and later Jakob Johnson.

An off-camera voice at USC says, “Jalen Hurd is so soft and terrible. I don’t know why he (unintelligible).”

The Instagram video was removed on Monday afternoon and USC issued an apology on its Twitter account.

The identity of the voice is unknown, although most fans on Twitter seem to think it’s a certain Trojans’ assistant coach who once played at UT.

The Vols and Trojans aren’t likely to meet anytime soon. But Hurd, an elite running back prospect  from Hendersonville, Tenn., won’t have to look far for motivation in 2014.

Vols #GameGram: Images from Neyland Stadium for Tennessee-Georgia game

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Check out some shots from the Vols’ pregame walk-through and warm-up.

Click the photo to go to Instagram and get caption information.

Not at the game? Or at the game with a good power source and Wifi connection?Talk to us on Game Day Central. It’s free and runs throughout the game.

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Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Images from Friday’s practice

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Nothing gets Butch Jones fired up like poor special teams play, and there was enough of it Friday afternoon to get some good “angry Butch” shots.

You can read all about the practice, including Jones’ praise for freshman quarterback Riley Ferguson, here.

For image captions, click the photo to go to Instagram.

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New uniforms unveiled on ‘08.15.13’? Judging by UT’s marketing, that looks like a good bet (video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee’s athletic department unveiled a new video and an Instagram image early this morning, both promoting today’s date — “08.15.13” — and dropping some strong hints about the Vols’ new uniforms.

Some hints? Notice the smoke in the video.

Folks on Twitter have pointed out that “smokey” is an officially licensed UT color.

Here’s what Butch Jones said about uniforms during the pre-camp press conference on July 31.

Jones said recruiting is a factor in uniform changes, but said he is as devoted to UT’s traditions as fans.

“I think I’ve proven that,” he said.

Even so, could there be further changes forthcoming?

“There may be something coming,” Jones said without elaboration, “but everything we do will respect our traditions at Tennessee.”

Tennessee’s media day begins at 3 p.m. Expect plenty of uniform talk — and perhaps some fresh images — this afternoon.

Update! New photo posted at 8:52 a.m. I have a feeling each subsequent update will get more revealing. Not bad marketing.


Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Scenes from Haslam Field


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — After a physical two-a-day on Monday, the Vols return to the practice fields this afternoon at 3:40 p.m.

There will be another two-a-day on Wednesday before the team’s official media on Thursday afternoon at Neyland Stadium.

We wrote today about Vincent Dallas moving to cornerback and what it means for the Vols’ defensive depth, plus a full complement of notes and quotes. Don’t forget to check out our practice video, too. (Watch it in your highest HD setting for best results.)

Now on to the photos. Click on the image for caption information and follow me on Instagram for immediate post-practice photos.

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Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Images from Tuesday’s practice

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — That beautiful image of Haslam Field is brought to you through the magic of digitally altered photography.

Instagram filters aside, it was a gorgeous day Tuesday when the Vols took the practice field for their 10th session of the spring.

Check out all the #PracticeGram photos below. If you want to be bombarded with them all at once, follow me on Instagram. You can also view the photos directly on my tumblr page.

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Tennessee football #PracticeGram: Photos from Saturday’s scrimmage

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Our award-winning* #PracticeGram feature is back for another day. 

I have a new app on my phone that makes it easy to get frame-by-frame captures, and I went sort of crazy on the sidelines.

My favorite sequence is above and below. Cody Blanc goes up for a pass from Justin Worley, but it zips over or through his hands.

And comes shooting right toward me (below). Luckily I flinched just in time to avoid it hitting me in the, uh, midsection.

Photo by ewoodbery

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