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Peter King says ESPN would be ‘miffed’ if Jon Gruden left broadcast booth

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — In an un-aired portion of an interview with ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, NFL analyst Peter King says he believes ESPN would be upset if Jon Gruden left Monday Night Football to return to coaching.

The interview was discovered by Deadspin this morning.
“I think at some point Jon Gruden definitely will go back to the sideline,” King said. “I think the bosses at ESPN would be miffed, to put it mildly, if it happened this year. They dumped Jaws (Ron Jaworski) out of the booth to go totally with Gruden. If he takes off this year there would be a lot of dissatisfaction, naturally.”

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Tennessee’s post-game jubilation riled up James Franklin a year ago, but he’s no longer upset by it

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Tennessee won only one SEC game last season and it was against the league’s only other school in the Volunteer State.

The Vols needed overtime to beat Vandy at Neyland Stadium, but they were understandably excited about getting the first win.

But when video of the locker room celebration leaked online, it caused a stir. Read on….

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Tennessee’s Derek Dooley talks about post-game call from Dave Hart

Thumbnail image for derek-dooley-tennesssee-ncstate.JPGKNOXVILLE, Tennessee — A day after falling to 0-5 in the SEC with a loss at South Carolina, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley got a phone call from his boss.

If a chill went down his spine on Sunday when Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart called, Dooley didn’t acknowledge it.

“I hadn’t talked to him after the game. We usually talk on Mondays. He wanted to make sure that I understood that he wasn’t going to be in Monday,” Dooley said. “We had our normal conversation about the game and what lies ahead.”

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Tennessee coach Derek Dooley’s potential buyout: The raw numbers


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — It’s no secret that Derek Dooley’s contract buyout is expensive.

But what about the rest of his staff?

We broke down the numbers in today’s News Sentinel. At a minimum, UT will owe $5.6 million. The total could grow by another $3.7 million depending on how quickly assistant coaches find jobs and how much they are paid in their new positions.

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Derek Dooley laughs off resignation rumor (with complete video of exchange)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Why is Derek Dooley talking about rumors that he almost resigned at the end of LAST season?
Well, I don’t really have a good answer for that, but here’s the background.
A report on MrSEC said that Dooley offered to resign after last season’s loss to Kentucky provided Tennessee paid his full $5 million buyout.

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Derek Dooley takes aim at Tyler Bray: How will Tennessee’s quarterback respond?

Thumbnail image for tyler-bray-brimer.JPG

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Derek Dooley says Tyler Bray needs to “man up.”

On that point, the Tennessee quarterback agrees.

The fact that Bray and his head coach used identical language to describe his decision to skip Saturday’s post-game media session suggests there was probably a forceful conversation on Sunday about Bray’s absence.

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Tennessee players call meeting after loss: ‘Things are going to change this week’


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Trying to maintain unity and stave off conflict after an 0-3 start, Tennessee veterans called a players-only meeting Sunday after returning home from a 41-31 loss at Mississippi State.

Linebackers Herman Lathers and A.J. Johnson helped organize the meeting.

“We pulled some of the guys together and we said, ‘If you don’t want to play, go down to the scout team. We’re tired of losing here and things are going to change and things are going to change this week,'” Lathers said. “Guys that weren’t doing it right, we’re going to kick them off the field.”

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How did Derek Dooley break his hip? ‘That’s a great question’

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — “That’s a great question,” said Tennessee coach Derek Dooley when asked how exactly he fractured his right hip.

Dooley underwent surgery last Tuesday. He missed one practice and coached from the press box Saturday at Mississippi State. He’s likely to the do the same this week at Neyland Stadium against Alabama.

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