Von Pearson makes SportsCenter top 10, plus more video, photos, .gifs from practice

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — If you thought there was no way the hype surrounding Tennessee receiver Von Pearson could grow any larger, think again.

On Friday morning, after a mere four days of spring football, Pearson’s one-handed catch appeared on the SportsCenter top 10.

Pearson, 23, took a long route to college football through Feather River College in California. Subscribers can read my story about him in today’s News Sentinel.

Pearson has yet to appear in a Division I game, or even a scrimmage.

I asked receivers coach Zach Azzanni if he was afraid all this attention would go to his head.

“He’s not wired like that, oddly enough,” Azzanni said. “But I’ll guard against it. I’m pretty good at that.”

Check out two views of Pearson’s catch in our practice videos after the jump.

And now, a series of .gifs of players running into things.

Joe Stocstill crashes through tight ends coach Mark Elder’s blocking pad. (photo by Evan Woodbery)

Mark Elder and unidentified number. Possibly Greg Tisho? (photo by Evan Woodbery)

Another unidentified number. That looks like fun (photo by Evan Woodbery)

Now crashing into running back Justus Pickett, with Robert Gillespie looking on (photos by Evan Woodbery)

Running back drills on Thursday (photos by Evan Woodbery)

Players gathering to see the “circle of life” drill in the beginning of practice (photo by Evan Woodbery)

Offensive guard Marcus Jackson going through stretch (photo by Evan Woodbery)

All my photos, plus some extra stuff, can be found here.