A look at 2014 salaries for UT football coaches, support staff

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — We’re running our annual review of salaries in the Tennessee football program in tomorrow’s News Sentinel. Subscribers can check out the full story on GoVolsXtra later tonight.

There weren’t many changes between 2013 and now,  as you can see for yourself in the two charts.

Among on-field coaches, there was no change at all. All nine coaches are working under the same contract — and same salary — they had 365 days ago.

That jibes with Dave Hart‘s comments during a round of interviews in December. Hart didn’t seem inclined to give raises for assistants who were in the middle of two-year contracts.

Of course, things can change if another team comes calling. But if UT’s assistants were shopping for new jobs this offseason, we didn’t hear anything about it.

Only one assistant has been given a raise during Butch Jones’ tenure, and that was more than a year ago. Defensive backs coach Willie Martinez signed a new deal on Feb. 10, 2013 that increased his base and supplemental pay from $280,000 to $350,000. About that same time, Martinez added the title of assistant head coach for defense.

All the coaches are under contract through Feb. 28, 2015 — essentially, the 2014 season. One-year contracts were once the standard for assistants, but multi-year deals are becoming more routine.

Because the last pay cycle in the current contract runs from March 1, 2014 to Feb. 28, 2015, we’ll check again in March to see if there have been any alterations to the deals in place now.

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