A way-too-early look at Tennessee’s spring roster and depth chart

[gdoc link=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AgBQnqCTaaxzdEtjYXRMZk1vT1A0TGZWNDlTdWtwY0E&output=html&widget=true” width=”100%” height=”700″]

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Want to help crowd-source Tennessee’s spring depth chart?

I’m taking suggestions.

Tennessee starts spring football practice on March 7, but we’ll take any early glance at the spring roster above. (We’ve finally added numbers!)

We’ll update the weights as they are changed on Tennessee’s official roster, but be aware that many of the current weights are out of date.

In addition to the full numerical roster, you can click on each tab to view players by position. I’ve started a very, very rough outline of a spring depth chart by sort of ranking players at each position. Generally, I’ve erred on the side of favoring veteran players over newcomers. But the lists are 99 percent speculative. Some positions — like specialists — could barely be considered educated guesses at this point. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it, so there could be some obvious misses. But like everything else, we’ll keep it updated as the spring goes on. And by then, we’ll actually have something to go on.

When the summer hits, we’ll add the newcomers (currently in red) to the mix.