How Tennessee produced its incredible ‘Bulletproof’ video

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Maybe you’ve seen Tennessee’s new “Bulletproof” video? The five-minute cinematic montage was released on Wednesday and has drawn raves on social media for its incredible production values.

This clearly wasn’t a video that you or I could take with an iPhone. So I asked UT video director Barry Rice how it was done. Here’s his answer.

* Special cameras: Rice equipped his videographers with Arri Alexa HD cameras used in high-end TV and film production (and probably costing oodles of money).

* A special assignment: The video team’s goal? “Capture the magic of the event like it was a movie.”

* A strong team: Rice credited Trevor Greene, Erik Peterson and Steve Anderson and others with doing an exceptional job on the film work. “Steve ran all the footage through a color-correct process and I had an audio mix and sound FX session done as well,” Rice said.

* A great voice-over: Rice chose former Vol football player and current motivational speaker Inky Johnson to do narration. Originally, there was a script for Johnson to read.

“After the session, I said, ‘Let’s just chat while we keep recording,'” Rice said. “Most of what we used was from that — just Inky speaking from the heart.”