Why did Mizzou get better ratings in Knoxville than St. Louis? World Series, or UT fans’ advance scouting

Michael Palardy kicks off in practice on Tuesday. (Photo by Evan Woodbery)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Here’s something mildly interesting: Saturday night’s South Carolina-Missouri game got better television ratings in Knoxville than it did in St. Louis.

One HUGE caveat: There was a little bit of competition for TV viewers that night as the St. Louis Cardinals played the Boston Red Sox in the World Series.

In any case, here are the top metered markets for the game, according to ESPN: Greenville, S.C. (13.3), Kansas City (11.0), Birmingham (10.8), Knoxville (8.7), Jacksonville (6.5), Charlotte (6.4), St. Louis (5.3), Nashville (5.2), Atlanta (4.9) and New Orleans (4.0).

Yeah, the South really likes college football.

But college football is also a strong regional play, too. The top markets for  the Penn State-Ohio State blowout on ABC were: Columbus (38.0), Dayton (19.5), Cleveland (16.9), Cincinnati (6.5), Pittsburgh (4.5), Ft. Myers (3.5), Philadelphia (3.2), Orlando (3.2), West Palm Beach (3.2), Detroit (3.1) and Jacksonville (3.0).

I have no idea about the Florida markets in there. Maybe Big 10 transplants? Big Urban Meyer fans?

OK, just because I find this stuff fascinating, one more. The UCLA-Oregon broadcast: Portland (18.3), Birmingham (7.9), Seattle (6.7), Los Angeles (5.6), Louisville (5.2), Las Vegas (4.4), Greenville (4.4), Knoxville (4.0), Jacksonville (3.7) and Norfolk (3.7).

You can pretty much count on Birmingham being in the top 10 in nearly every college broadcast.