Tennessee football: A look at Oregon’s mind-boggling offensive numbers

OC Mike Bajakian chases Justin Worley.

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Oregon goes at a pace unlike any team Tennessee has faced since, well, Oregon in 2010.

That was the conclusion drawn from a look at the Ducks’ numbers through two games of 2013.

Tennessee’s defense has experience against a fast-paced offense, of course, by playing its own offense every day in practice. The Vols had the third-fastest offense in the SEC in 2012, but have slowed the pace against two weak opponents in 2013. Tennessee is unlikely to go much faster against Oregon. Giving the defense some rest will be a priority.

Oregon’s offense averages 3.4 plays and 32.3 yards per minute, which is impressive in itself. But that speed puts pressure on the Ducks’ defense. Opponents average nearly 40 minutes per game in time of possession.

Even so, the Ducks surrender only 3.7 yards per play (8.13 yards per minute). The Vols, by comparison, have allowed 4.91 yards per play through two games.

Check out the tempo numbers below.

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