How would free agent QB Connor Brewer fit in at Tennessee?

Connor Brewer

Connor Brewer plans to transfer from Texas (photo from KNS partner 247Sports)

KNOXVILLE, TennesseeConnor Brewer, a highly recruited prep quarterback who signed with Texas in 2012, is back on the market.

Several teams have expressed interest, including Tennessee, but Brewer has said that has his choice might take time.

Brewer would presumably like to be at his new school for the start of fall camp, which begins on Aug. 1 at Tennessee, although even that deadline is artificial. Brewer will have to sit out the 2013 season, so there’s no urgency for him to arrive at his new school as long as he gets enrolled by the start of classes.

Brewer redshirted in 2012, so he will have three years to play three when he is eligible to play in 2014.

If, hypothetically, Brewer chooses Tennessee (and the Vols agree to take him), where would he fit in?

UT has four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, plus invited freshman walk-on Charlie High. But only one of those five quarterbacks has any college experience. So the position isn’t a strength.

Brewer’s move also illustrates another fact of life in college football: Quarterbacks transfer a lot. There’s only one spot available and it’s rarely shared.

With that in mind, it’s worth considering the possibility that Tennessee could experience attrition at quarterback. Redshirt freshman Nathan Peterman and true freshmen Josh Dobbs and Riley Ferguson will overlap in eligibility. If one of those three wins the job decisively, or if one falls behind, a transfer after the 2013 season wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

But coaches budget for that sort of thing. It’s why most college teams have at least four scholarship quarterbacks.

The Vols have offered several quarterback prospects in the 2014 class, according to the 247Sports database. It’s hard to imagine UT would sign a 30-player class without a single quarterback, but if someone like Brewer arrived in August, perhaps that would change.

If Brewer joined the team and no one else left, UT’s quarterback situation would like this entering the 2014 season:

(in order of experience)

1. Justin Worley, fourth-year senior

2. Nathan Peterman, third-year sophomore

3. Connor Brewer, third-year sophomore

4 and 5. Riley Ferguson and Josh Dobbs, redshirt freshmen or sophomores

Would this fulfill Brewer’s goal of finding a team that offers a chance to compete for the starting job? It’s impossible to answer that question without knowing how the current quarterbacks do in 2013.

But it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the Vols wouldn’t welcome him to the mix.