Former Vol Jabari Greer takes over ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ columnist role for a week

Jabari Greer

Jabari Greer at Tennessee (UT sports photo)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Jabari Greer, a former track and football star at Tennessee who has forged a 10-year NFL career despite not being drafted, served as guest columnist for the vacationing Peter King. His column, published today, is thoughtful and lengthy — and a bit unusual.

Greer is entering his fifth season as a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, and his thoughts on the 2013 season should encourage fans.

The 2012 New Orleans Saints season was well documented, from the loss of Sean Payton, our coach; to the rest of the sanctions dealt to our program in the alleged bounty case; to, ultimately, the performance of our team — a 7-9 finish that left us out of the playoffs for the first time in three years.

What was not told in the headlines or on the news, however, was the spirit of our men in the locker room. Experiencing an unprecedented ordeal in the history of the NFL, our men never wavered. Although our spirit wasn’t reflected in the final score of nine of our games, we endured Goliath’s wrath last season, and now Goliath has to pay.

Greer devoted much of the column to a complex metaphor ¬†— or at least I assume it was a metaphor — about the oak of wisdom.

Some of the comments on the column were harsh. “Bloated verbiage,” one person wrote. “This is journalism, not a freshman essay.”

Greer finished by noting, “I think if you met me for coffee, the last thing you would think I did professionally was play football.”

Probably true.