John Jancek wants the Vols to take mentality of Navy SEALs on defense


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — What do the Navy SEALS have to do with Tennessee’s 2013 defense?

First-year coordinator John Jancek said he hopes the Vols’ work with the SEALs can help instill a sense of resilience when things go wrong.  

In 2012, the Vols’ defense was ranked 107th in the nation and was victimized routinely by big plays.

“The SEALs, they talked about to handle that,” Jancek said during an interview last week on the Sports Animal. “Let’s be honest, we play in the toughest conference in college football. There’s going to be some adversity. We have know how to respond to that. We can’t allow one bad play to turn into two bad plays or a bad quarter or a bad half. It just becomes a snow-ball effect.”

The SEALs have worked out with many college programs across the country through a program called, well, The Program.

At UT, the softball team and now the football team have participated in early-morning workouts.

“It’s a phenomenal experience,” Jancek said. “The players learned a lot, and the coaches got some very good feedback on what some of the military people think of our guys in terms of team-building and leadership.”

Jancek said the big plays stood out when he watched game film from last year.

“There’s a variety of reasons for that, whether it’s a missed tackle, poor leverage or we were a bit out of position,” he said. “There’s just a lot that goes into each and every play.”

Jancek said both players and coaches are on the hook for getting it fixed.

“We have to respond to it and as coaches, we have to get it corrected: ‘OK, why did it happen? Here’s why. Let’s get it corrected.’ In the meantime, we can’t lose our focus. We have to know how to respond when bad things happen to us.”

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