Tennessee’s Haslam Field getting post-spring turf makeover

Photo by ewoodbery

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — When I tweeted out photos of the new turf being installed at Haslam Field, the Vols’ outdoor practice area, I received an almost universal response:

What are they doing with the old turf and how do I get some for my lawn?

I have a call in to UT turf guru Darren Seybold to ask that very question. (UPDATE: Here’s the full story on the turf change.) The question is especially pertinent because the grass at Haslam Field drew raves this spring for being absolutely gorgeous — despite winter weather that hung around longer than usual.

But if the Vols are to get new turf, there’s only a narrow window for the sod to be installed. And I assume that’s why they’re laying it down now.

The only complaint about the turf this year was how slick it was. We saw a lot of defensive backs and receivers sliding when they tried to plant a foot. But I’m not sure that was the turf’s fault. The Vols practiced in the early mornings this spring, so the grass was always dewy. Tennessee is expected to transition to afternoon practices during the season.

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